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Organizing/Operating of mutual partnership consortium
- Purpose : To check the current implement status by setting up the responsible organization, to draw out
  new assignment, linking to national R&D
- Next Plan
Organizing of mutual partnership committee & 5 specialized committees
To set up the role of each committee, in discussion of operation plans, linking to strategic technology
development project
Implementation of joint R&D project to share horizontal performance among the companies
-The existing national R&D method(one company in demands vs. one equipment and material company)
 has some problems including lack of horizontal shared performance, double development of the same
 item between equipment and material companies, and overlapping with company’s own JDP
- To proceed step-by-step the projects in forms of ①patent sharing, ②Organizing of large consortium,
 ③joint R&D among the main research institutes, according to the subject technology areas.
- Schedules to be processed
Aug. 2007 : Technology committee selects the joint R&D areas
To be applied to the entire display strategic technologies enforced from the latter half of 2007
Preparation of joint road map for the display development
-Purpose : To set up ‘display development road map’ for the next 10 years, in order to make the mid &
 long-term technology development planning
- The joint road mapping for 2008 will be processed during Aug.2007~Dec.2007, after Organizing of
 technology committee
(Yearly updating & re-arrangement for the future)

Patent cooperation project to be processed

-Purpose : To establish the cooperative system among Korean companies in the intellectual properties
area, to cope up with the accelerated drives of competitor countries and to achieve the
technology blocking through patent Cross-Licensing with the competitors
- Next Plan
Organizing of of consortium, in participation of module companies and large components and materials
companies (till June)
To prepared the shared system for patents newly created by joint R&D, jointly responding and sharing
the information through intellectual property rights & strategic team
To review the extended and re-arranged plans of the current equipment and material patent consortium
To extensively share the already created intellectual property rights, on the current or completed
projects on the government R&D
Mutually purchases of panel
-Purpose : To overcome the situation where Taiwan companies enjoy reflective benefits because
 Korean competitors do not mutually purchase the panels
- Next Plan
To enter the actual purchases through the executive meetings, after reviewing the mutually
purchasable panel types
Standardization projects
-Purpose : The steps are to be, market standardization per display area including the panel, equipment
 and material, in order to secure the cost competition
→ National standardization → International standardization
- Next Plan
To expand the existing standardization consortium, in order to lead the standardization of the display
panel and parts
Equipment and material evaluation support project
-Purpose : To acquire the reliability on Korean-made equipment and material, by establishing the
evaluation system mainly led by the large companies in demand
- Status (LCD equipment evaluation support project)
Currently evaluation is being made on basic performance of 5 items from 4 companies, for the 1st year
Distribution of performance evaluation report, setting up the road map, implement of the 2nd year
project(with the addition of materials)
- Next Plan
LCD : to be extended to evaluation based on produced quantity; PDP : After setting up the new project
committee for new technology/new method, then to establish the road map and review on how to
connect with the joint R&D
avoid the vertical hierarchy system
- Purpose
The hierarchy relationship in demands and supply downgrades the competitiveness, reducing the
development capabilities of new technology and reducing the number of clients.
Relaxing of rules ‘Restriction on JDP sales’ and purchase-processing of equipment and material by
subcontracts of competitors
- Next Plan
To share the cost-effective points between LCD and PDP companies, and to review the possibility of