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Since its inception in 1997, under Worlds top display Korea, KDIA has been the organization served as a guide for 165 members and representing Korean Display Industry with 47% of the global display market share.

KDIA has strived to contribute on strengthening the technical skills of members, and to strengthen the competitiveness of existing display market to take greater control of the future display market.

Moving forward, KDIA will make best effort to upgrade the professional image of display industry and to intensify the industrial base under the vision of Establishing a mutual growth culture and promoting top-rated global companies with the active support of industry and government. Also, we will do our best to take the initiative in display industry of the next generation.

Served as place to share information and communication, I hope this webpage is informative to the members and anyone who has interest in this field. Your support and continued interest will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Cho, Soo-In
Chairman & CEO
Korea Display Industry Association